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September The Significance of the ECFA to Taiwan and Mainland China by Ms. Jaqueline Liu, Director General, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office, U.S.A.

Appreciating the Power and Promise of Museums by Dr. Handy Williamson Jr., Vice Provost of International Programs, University of Missouri (Closing research remarks at the Yeongwol Yonsei International Museum Forum)

May "Lincoln's Springfield," Telling the Story of Ameria's 16th President by Dr. Michael J. Devine, Ph.D., Board Member, TWI, Director, Truman Presidential Museum

Creative Thinking (Creative Process) and Applications for Yeongwol Museum City Culture Marketing by Prof. Joowon Lee, Secretary of the Board, TWI, Adjunct Professor, Yonsei University

September <Development Aid to Sub-Saharan Africa - a Dutch Perspective>
by Dr. Hans Heinsbroek, Consul General of the Netherlands, Chicago, U.S.A.
(C.V.s of Board Members)

Dr. C. J. Nelson, Ph.D.

Dr. Holly Bondurant, M.D. Mr. Sunghoon Lee Pstr. Jim Bryan
Dr. Ruth Brent Tofle, Ph.D. Dr. Yonggyu Lee, Ph.D. Dr. Michael Devine, Ph.D. Mr. Jinsang Kim
Dr. Lilliard Richardson, Ph.D.      
(C.V.s of Advisory Members) Dr. Hans Heinsbroek, Ph.D. Prof. Mark Langeneckert    
May Research Court at the Donggang Digital Society, S. Korea
  Korean Language digital resources donation by Prof. Yoon-pyo Hong from Yonsei University Korean Literature Department (Prev.)
May Exhibit Content Provision that includes Hans Schnyder and Curtis J. Nelson, Diurnal Growth of Tall Fescue Leaf Blades, etc.